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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Review- Maybelline Colour sensational Popsticks

I'm not usually one for impulse buying, but when I saw these I knew I had to try them. I wasn't sure what to expect but they exceeded anything I thought!

(After a few minutes the colour on the tissue did go a bit funky, which is what you can see here, imagine these colours but slightly more red-ie toned and a lot shearer.)

 Left: Citrus slice. Right: Crystal Pink.
 Sorry if they look a bit mangled, they got a bit bashed up when I took them on holiday.
They look like they're a kind of waxy/jelly type substance but when you put them on your lips they glide on like a dream and are so smooth, they kind of feel like a lip salve stick, and as for the colour I think anyone would be totally surprised.
The Citrus slice is really neon orange but when put on the lips it's a beautiful light reddish-pink but when you built it up you do get a little of the orange showing through.
The Crystal pink is a light cherry and comes out as a pinky cherry colour. 
They are more like a lip balmy-tint rather than a full on lipstick (if that makes sense) as the colour is quite sheer but it's still so lovely. They also have and amazing fruity/orangy sweet smell that is amazing (and does kind of make you want to lick it) but it isn't overpowering or too subtle. :)
When you get the chance pleeeease swatch these and you will see what I mean, they are absolutely incredible and you would be a fool not to try them plus the packaging is amazing as usual and I will definitely be going back to buy the others! They are available from Boots for £7.19.

(The reason I didn't put any pictures of these on my lips is because the light my camera picks up really does not do them justice so you can hardly tell they're actually on my lips! Sorry if you wanted to see it, I tried but it wasn't worth it :/ )