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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Review- Topshop nails in 'Eclipse'

I've only recently discovered Topshop nail varnishes, probably because i don't wear nail varnish much because my nails are so brittle, but I do wish I had found them sooner because every single colour is absolutely gorgeous and this has to be one of my absolute favourites!
The formulation itself is very nice, you only need one coat to get the perfect colour which is always a bonus for me because your not using a lot for only one wear of it.
Sorry for the grim fingers, my hands look really child-like when my nails are short. :P

Onto the colour, it's more green when it is on the nail but there are slight hints of blue and a faint hint of a gold-ish colour too which is enhanced by a very fine gold glitter which is perfectly spread across the nail when you apply it. As for staying power it pretty average, you get 2-3 days of completely no chips with one coat and without a top coat.
It is also a great base colour for glitter, I use it with 3 coats of Topshops Razzmatazz and it looks amazing!

Overall this is all you would want in a nail varnish, great colour, good staying power and you only need one coat and it looks amazing . You can pick this up in Topshop and on their website for £6 here.

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