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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Review- Essie Grow Stronger nail polish | My nail saviour!

I used to bite my nails when I was younger so I never had long nails, and as a result have naturally shorter nails now :( (Not the white bit the actual nail part... does that even make sense?) But when I finally managed to stop myself about 2 years ago I found out that I have the weakest, most brittle nails in the world. I had tried a few nail varnishes that claimed to strengthen nails until I found this little gem.


 It is supposed to strengthen your nails when you are wearing it so basically if you wear it for long enough (This is months I'm talking about) your whole nail will be strong and it will stay strong, does that make sense? i feel like it doesn't, I'll try again, basically as you keep re-applying it obviously your nails grow so they get stronger as time goes by and eventually your whole nail will be strong because it has grown with the strengthener, so it is stronger. ( i hope I've explained that well :P )
And this is the result!
   I have the varnish on here, it's very shear but is slightly lighter than my natural nail colour and makes them shinier, the formulation is the perfect viscosity, not too thin but not too gloopy.
Because my nails are naturally short from biting them when I was younger, when they have grown long enough to get a white tip, it takes a while to get my nails past the ends of my fingers, so if I have a coloured nail varnish on, you wouldn't be able to tell that they were long. (Going off on a bit of a tangent there)
Anyway, this is the longest my nails have every been and I am so happy with how they look. It also helps that if you have a small split or crack on your nail, if you coat it in this it won't split, I usually wait until it's long enough to file it down but still have long (for me) nails.

All in all, this is a miracle worker for me, my nails have never been healthier and I am getting fewer and fewer splits every week. You can wear it on it's own or as a base coat and is well worth the £8.99 in my opinion. I bought this from Boots but it is available in other places.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Review- No7 Exceptional definition mascara

I have tried my fair share of mascaras but have always come back to this one. I can't remember how long ago I first bought this but it must of been a few weeks after it was first released so maybe 2 years ago? I have honestly never used a mascara like this before, and because of the shape of the brush I think it would suite any type of lashes.
In the colour 'Black'

First of all, I love the packaging, it's so simple yet sophisticated and doesn't look like they are trying too hard and a nice colour too.
The  wand has 3 elements to it, two different thickness off bristles and a little spiky tip.

 Sorry if these two pictures are a little too bright, I couldn't stop the flash in Macro mode :P
As you can see half of the wand has thinner and more bristles than the bottom, I find this the best side for doing your top lashes, it gets every one and fans then out beautifully and if you want that extra winged out look you can use the tip to catch the very corner lashes. I find the other half of the wand better for doing your bottom lashes and I prefer then slightly 'chunkier' than my upper ones, but if you wanted thicker upper lashes you could start with this side then switch to the thinner side to add more mascara to the lashes. Because of the variation of the brush, I think it would suite other lash types as my lashes are quite fine but there are a lot of them but the thicker bristles could be used on thicker lashes and still be just as amazing.

Thinner bristles
 Fatter bristles
Put on in a rush with a quick swish through all lashes with the thick side then top lashes combed through with the thinner side and tip used on corner lashes.

 Properly applied with one and a bit coats, applied similarly to the one above.

 Overall, this is all I would want in a mascara, the packaging looks great, it's easy to hold/use, the difference in bristles means that it is multi-useful, it's just amazing at giving the most stunning but natural looking lashes and I think it's well worth the £12.50 and don't forget that Boots regularly do the '£5 off No.7' vouchers so it could be £7.50! You can buy this from Boots in two colours, Black and Brown-black.

Friday, 10 August 2012

My favourite beauty Youtubers!

I am absolutely obsessed with these people, I love watching there videos and although they all do the same things, they bring there own qualities to their channels which make them a delight to watch. So without further or do, (in no particular order) here are my favourite Youtube beauty gurus! :) (The name above their pictures is their Youtube username).

(Twitter Picture)
Ok, so first off we have FleurDeForce! She is the first YT beauty guru I found over a year ago and i fell in love with her as soon as i watched the first video I saw. Fleur does makeup and hair tutorials, monthly favourites, hauls etc. She has a vlog channel too and this year she is vlogging every other month and August is the next month! (Yey!) Fleur also blogs and they are linked to her own website where she also has her own line of gorgeous wrap bracelets. She is not a makeup artist but has a lot of experience from youtube as she has had/has jobs and been to events in the field, (as have everyone else I mention bellow). She is 24, English and lives in England with her fiance. She also has a new side channel called BrideDeForce where she is posting videos about her wedding and planning.
Main channel: FleurDeForce
Vlog channel: FleurDeVlog
Bridal Vlog channel: BrideDeForce
Website: FleurDeForce official website
Twitter: FleurDeForce official twitter
Facebook: Fleur De Force official Facebook page

(Twitter picture)
This is Louise, A.K.A Sprinkle of Glitter. The one thing I must say about her is that she is absolutely hilarious! She has one channel called Sprinkle of Glitter, she is not a professional makeup artist either and this is why she prefers not to do makeup tutorials, she does more hauls, reviews and vlogs, but she does have a lot of experience in the makeup field from previous and current jobs and events. She is a Glossybox ambassador and has a great blog. She is 26, English, and lives in England with her husband and their adorable little girl, Darcy (also known as baby Glitter). Louise also has an online shop with another youtuber/ blogger called Zoe (the one bellow this), the shop is called Louella, a combination of their names, they sell amazing quality makeup brush sets.
Youtube channel: SprinkleofGlitter
Blog: Sprinkle of Glitter
Shop: Louella
Twitter: SprinkleofGlitter official twitter
Facebook: Sprinkle of Glitter official Facebook page

(Facebook picture)
 As I just mentioned, this is Zoe, her Youtube name is Zoella280390, (the numbers are her birthday) and if you haven't worked it out she is 22. She has her main Youtube channel and also has a blog. Her and Louise are very good friends and are often in each others videos, and if they are, you are guaranteed a good laugh, they do a lot of tags and challenges and Zoe always puts bloopers at the end of her videos which I always love. Like I've said, her and Louise opened an online shop a few months ago called Louella. She has such a nice personality and is absolutely stunning. :)
Youtube channel: Zoella280390
 Blog: Zoella
Shop: Louella
Twitter: ZoezeeBo official twitter
Facebook: Zoella official Facebook page

(Samantha/Sam Chapman)

(Nicola/Nic Haste (Chapman) )
(Twitter pictures)
These girls are absolutely incredible, they are both in their 30's and are sisters from Norwich, England (which is where they live) and have been makeup artists for way over a decade and have over half a million subscribers. They mainly do makeup tutorials based on celebrity looks, sometimes from recent events, a celebrities look generally, or sometimes they will just make up a look. The picture of Sam above is actually one of the looks she did recently of Amy Childs. They are both super tall and beautiful, have children and have 2 younger brothers, John and Jim who both have Youtube channels too. 
Johns' is with one of his work friends, Leon Bustin, and their channel is called The Lean Machines, their videos are about fitness and health as they are both fitness instructors/ trainers at their local gym.
 Main channel: Pixiwoo
Vlog/side channel: Pixiwoomadness
Website/blog: Pixiwoo official website and blog
Sam's Twitter: Sams official Twitter
Nic's Twitter: Nics official Twitter
Facebook: Pixiwoo official Facebook page
John and Leon's channel: The Lean Machines

(Google search picture, I couldn't find a better one as his Twitter picture is a self portrait)
So this is Jim Chapman, in this photo he does not look his best as he is very handsome and tall (he's 6ft 3"). I included him in this post because even though his videos are about men's 'beauty' (so things like hair products/ tutorials, shaving products, facial products and men's fashion etc) but also sometimes does videos about relationships/dating, movies and other random things like that sometimes with his girlfriend Tanya who also has a Youtube channel (the one bellow this). He honestly seems like the nicest, funniest, most genuine person in the world and I wish I could meet him one day, as I do with all of these people. He's 24, lives in Norwich, England, with Tanya and also has a vlog channel and a new gaming channel.
Main channel: J1mmmyb0bba
Vlog channel: Vlogswithjim
Game channel: Gameswithjim

(Twitter picture)
If you haven't guessed, this is Tanya Burr, she is a professional makeup artist and predominantly does tutorials on a certain look or celebrity like Sam and Nic's videos. They are actually the two people who got her into Youtube, that's why their names are similar because they made it for her, Tanya met them through Jim when she was training to be  makeup artist. She also has a vlog channel called 'Tanya's vlogs and hauls' which is pretty self explanatory, she has just turned 24 and, like I've said, lives in Norwich with Jim.
 Main channel: Pixi2woo
Vlog channel: tanyasvlogsandhauls

(Twitter picture)

I found Lisa's channel when I was searching videos using the Vichy dermabland foundation and I loved how lovely she was! She has such a calming voice and seems so nice and genuine. She is a professional makeup artist and does either looks based on a celebrity, trend or sometimes does a look on a model based on her skin tone/ eye colour etc. I absolutely love her and her videos. :)
Main channel: Lisaeldridgedotcom

So there you go, my favourite beauty Youtubers. If you haven't noticed they are all English, this is because I find it annoying if you are watching (for example) an American Youtuber and they use products or brands that you cannot get in the UK. All of these people (excluding Lisa) are physically good friends and talk on a regular basis and are sometimes in each others videos or vlogs. 
I hope you enjoyed this blog and have a great day! :) x
p.s. I just realised how many times I said 'Absolutely' :P