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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Review- Essie Grow Stronger nail polish | My nail saviour!

I used to bite my nails when I was younger so I never had long nails, and as a result have naturally shorter nails now :( (Not the white bit the actual nail part... does that even make sense?) But when I finally managed to stop myself about 2 years ago I found out that I have the weakest, most brittle nails in the world. I had tried a few nail varnishes that claimed to strengthen nails until I found this little gem.


 It is supposed to strengthen your nails when you are wearing it so basically if you wear it for long enough (This is months I'm talking about) your whole nail will be strong and it will stay strong, does that make sense? i feel like it doesn't, I'll try again, basically as you keep re-applying it obviously your nails grow so they get stronger as time goes by and eventually your whole nail will be strong because it has grown with the strengthener, so it is stronger. ( i hope I've explained that well :P )
And this is the result!
   I have the varnish on here, it's very shear but is slightly lighter than my natural nail colour and makes them shinier, the formulation is the perfect viscosity, not too thin but not too gloopy.
Because my nails are naturally short from biting them when I was younger, when they have grown long enough to get a white tip, it takes a while to get my nails past the ends of my fingers, so if I have a coloured nail varnish on, you wouldn't be able to tell that they were long. (Going off on a bit of a tangent there)
Anyway, this is the longest my nails have every been and I am so happy with how they look. It also helps that if you have a small split or crack on your nail, if you coat it in this it won't split, I usually wait until it's long enough to file it down but still have long (for me) nails.

All in all, this is a miracle worker for me, my nails have never been healthier and I am getting fewer and fewer splits every week. You can wear it on it's own or as a base coat and is well worth the £8.99 in my opinion. I bought this from Boots but it is available in other places.

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