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Monday, 13 August 2012

Review- No7 Exceptional definition mascara

I have tried my fair share of mascaras but have always come back to this one. I can't remember how long ago I first bought this but it must of been a few weeks after it was first released so maybe 2 years ago? I have honestly never used a mascara like this before, and because of the shape of the brush I think it would suite any type of lashes.
In the colour 'Black'

First of all, I love the packaging, it's so simple yet sophisticated and doesn't look like they are trying too hard and a nice colour too.
The  wand has 3 elements to it, two different thickness off bristles and a little spiky tip.

 Sorry if these two pictures are a little too bright, I couldn't stop the flash in Macro mode :P
As you can see half of the wand has thinner and more bristles than the bottom, I find this the best side for doing your top lashes, it gets every one and fans then out beautifully and if you want that extra winged out look you can use the tip to catch the very corner lashes. I find the other half of the wand better for doing your bottom lashes and I prefer then slightly 'chunkier' than my upper ones, but if you wanted thicker upper lashes you could start with this side then switch to the thinner side to add more mascara to the lashes. Because of the variation of the brush, I think it would suite other lash types as my lashes are quite fine but there are a lot of them but the thicker bristles could be used on thicker lashes and still be just as amazing.

Thinner bristles
 Fatter bristles
Put on in a rush with a quick swish through all lashes with the thick side then top lashes combed through with the thinner side and tip used on corner lashes.

 Properly applied with one and a bit coats, applied similarly to the one above.

 Overall, this is all I would want in a mascara, the packaging looks great, it's easy to hold/use, the difference in bristles means that it is multi-useful, it's just amazing at giving the most stunning but natural looking lashes and I think it's well worth the £12.50 and don't forget that Boots regularly do the '£5 off No.7' vouchers so it could be £7.50! You can buy this from Boots in two colours, Black and Brown-black.

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