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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Review- Bourjois Shadow & Light eyeliner

I'd been wanting a white eyeliner for a while and it just so happened that my black one was just about to run out when I spotted another blog post by FleurDeForce on this eyeliner. I actually bought this in July but I've only just got round to writing this.

First off, I love the idea of 2 liners in one, I know it's not new news but I still think it's a great idea, especially when it's colours like a dark brown and a metallic copper, it saves you from having to search for the right match.

  Both liners are well pigmented and last a good amount of time, the white a little bit less than the black but that may be because I rub my eyes a lot.

That's basically it! They're both great liners, have good pigmentation and are available from places like Boots for £5.49. Sorry this was so short, I can't really fault it! :) x

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