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Friday, 2 November 2012

Vaseline limited edition Pink Bubbly lip balm | Review

Last year, I just missed out on Vaselines LE lip balm as I wasn't aware they did one, but this year when I found out from FleurDeForce's Blog post about it I was so excited to try it! As you may know though, it was released quite a while ago but I've only just got the chance to get it, so I thought I might as well through in my penny's worth and tell you all my thoughts on it.

First off, I love the tin, simple colours that go well together and a great font that suites the Pink Bubbliness of it (does that even make sense? :P )

It says it adds a 'delicate tint' but unfortunately this doesn't show up on my lips because they are already very rosey but it still has a delicate smell which I love.

Basically, this is lovely! An awesome smell and it still protects your lips like the usual Vaseline and it does tint your lips (I tried it on someone with less red lips than mine). It's £3.49, respectively, and is available from Boots (I'm not sure if you can get it anywhere else).

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