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Sunday, 6 January 2013

8 Weeks of Soap & Glory

After writing my last blog post, I realised that I have quite a few Soap & Glory products and have only blogged about 2 of them so I thought I would blog about ALL OF THEM! Not all at once obviously, that would be a very long post.

Over the next 8 weeks I'm going to publish 8 reviews on 8 Soap & Glory products, 1 every week. I Actually have 13 S&G products but 2 of them I've already blogged, 2 of them are the same and 2 of them I can't review yet because they are hair products and I don't want to use them during school time in case they don't work for me and I end up with horrible hair (I hope not though!).
If you would like to read my 2 previous Soap & Glory reviews here are the links (They will open in a new tab): 

In case there was a product you had been wanting to see a review of or something like that, I have set an order I will post them in and each one will be posted on Saturday.

Week 6: Clean On Me Shower Gel- 16th February
Week 7: Flake Away Body Polish- 23rd February
Week 8: Extreme Plump XL Lip Gloss- 2nd March

(The last blog may be published on the 1st/4th of March because the 2nd-3rd is my 16th Birthday weekend and I don't know if I'll be busy all day on the Saturday or not!) :D


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