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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Soap & Glory Glow All Out luminizing powder | Review

I'm a huge fan of Soap and Glory and I've never been disappointed by any of the products I have tried... until now. I usually do a lot of research into a product that I'm thinking of buying and I'd been wanting a highlighter for my cheeks for a while and had looked at others but for some reason I was drawn to this in Boots, so I bought it.

First off, I love the packaging. I like that it's fun and less 'serious' than other brands and doesn't look like it's trying too hard. Plus it has a mirror which is always a bonus. Unfortunately, that's where the good points end for me.

The product itself comes in one colour and unfortunately it's too dark for me. The powder is skin coloured and has very fine, gold glitter in it, this glitter is good but the powder shows up on my pale skin and looks a bit odd. I'm certain it would look lovely on someone who has normal-tan coloured skin but not pale people like me. (Although after taking the pictures I don't think you can tell from them and the colour of it changes in the pictures slightly because the lighting changed, it's a peachy pink colour).

 This is the best picture I could get of it, the lighting was absolutely terrible so this was the best I could do!

So it's not the quality of the product at all, on the Boots website it has great reviews, it's just the colour that lets in down for me. Maybe I'll start using it in the summer when my skin isn't as pale as it is currently but for now it's staying at the bottom of my makeup box.

If you are interested in reading the reviews on the Boots website here is the link. I think it's slightly over priced at £11 but I think if you had the right skin colour it could be worth it! :)

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