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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Soap&Glory The Righteous Butter | 8 weeks of S&G # 4 | Review

 Half way through already 8 weeks of S&G! This is going fast! Right, lets crack on shall we?

I've never been one for body moisturising, I don't have particularly dry skin so I'd never bothered trying any body moisturisers until my friend bought me a S&G gift set for my birthday last year and it had a travel size pot of the righteous body butter in it, I went on holiday the next month and took this with me and definitely didn't regret it!

It's got a lovely texture to it, it doesn't feel quite like your standard moisturiser or cream, I can't explain it but it feels nice non the less. It's really easy to apply and smells lovely. It doesn't take too long to dry which is always a bonus, does what is says on the tin (or the tub!) and is just all round an awesome product!

It comes in a travel size of 50ml (shown in these pictures) for £2.50 and a normal size tub of 300ml for £10.50. Considering the prices for other moisturisers I would say this isn't expensive at all and is worth a try!

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