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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Simple MAC Autumn Makeup Look

Autumn is finally upon us and with a new season comes new makeup looks! I only started changing up my makeup for each season last year so I like to keep it subtle. With that in mind I thought it would be nice to share my go-to autumn/winter makeup look with you (hence why the products look well loved!). It's basically your simple makeup look with 4 MAC products added to give it that autumnal vibe.

 The products are:

The look is mainly based on the eyes with Orb as an all over base and Haux in the outer corner, crease and on the lower lash line, starting heavier on the outer corner and blending out to 3 quarters along. I always go with a nude lip when using darker eyeshadow to make the eyes look more dramatic.
I then use Ladyblush on the cheeks. I like to use cream blush in autumn/winter because the colder daylight can make my skin look a little dull. Using Luna to gently highlight the cheekbones and brow bone also helps with this.

 Orb (Left) and Haux (Right)
Ladyblush (Left) and Luna (Right)

Like I said before, this is a look with the idea that you can do your basic makeup with your own base, concealer, mascara, eyeliner etc but then adding these products to make it more autumnal.

If you want to know what other products I used other than these 4 just ask :)

P.s. It was really hard to find good enough lighting to take these photos so the Haux eyeshadow is actually slightly darker and richer in real life than in the pictures!

TTFN! :) x

Monday, 21 September 2015

London in September

At least once a year my dad and myself have been hopping on the train and heading down to London since I was 14. It quickly became our little tradition and I love every moment of it.
Although I come from the Manchester area, one of Britain's biggest cities, there's no comparison to London at all. There's nowhere else in the UK quite like it and because of this, I don't think I will ever tire of this city.
In true British fashion, most times we have been the weather has let us down, however this year it held out, so I took advantage of the opportunity and went on a little photography mission to not just take pictures of your bog-standard touristy London stuff, but to be more artistic and creative.
So here are some of my favourite shots I took and I hope you enjoy them.
Regent Street
On the steps of the National Portrait Gallery
The Cafe In The Crypt- Trafalgar Square
Shiro Studio for Armani Exchange- RIBA* Regent Street Windows
Coppin Dockray Architects for L’Occitane en Provence- RIBA Regent Street Windows
EPR Architects for Anthropologie- RIBA Regent Street Windows
Mise-en-abyme Installation For London Design Festival- Victoria & Albert Museum
Curiosity Cloud Installation For London Design Festival- Victoria & Albert Museum
Southampton Street, Covent Garden
Balloon Art Installation, Covent Garden
The Serpentine Pavilion 2015, Hyde Park
*RIBA- Royal Institute Of British Architects

Camera used: Canon 650D
Lenses used:
Standard Canon 18-55mm & Tamron 28-300mm with a Jessops Skylight 1A Filter

Edited with Adobe Photoshop Elements 12
There are also some more pictures over on my Instagram.

TTFN! :) x

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Lets Start Again | Delira Rose 2015

Well this is a bit of a deja-vu. A few months ago I wrote a post about starting up this blog again and hoping to carry on and create a great place full of information, advice, humour and life-lesson type things. It's safe to say that plan didn't go... well... to plan. Basically sixth-form, revision and exams got the better of me and made me a very moody, miserable, sad, anxious 18 year old.

But I've finished school forever now (hallelujah!), am NOT going to university and have absolutely no clue what so ever on what I'm going to do with my future. So I thought I'd start here. I started this blog in 2012 and was having a lot of fun with it until school really got me down (I'm not one for compulsory education or being told what to do!) which irritated me immensely because now I will always have the unanswered question in the back of my mind of "I wonder where my blog would be now if I had carried on?". I decided that I'm going to try my best to get it as amazing as I can and hope that it grows and that what I write is helpful and interesting to read to a wide range of people.

But this is just the beginning of an even bigger plan, YouTube. I've wanted to make YouTube videos since I was 14 but I've always made excuses for myself: "I'm too young to put myself in the eye of total strangers", "It will get in the way of my exams and school", "If people at school find out they'll make fun of me" etc. At first it looked like a really fun thing to do in my spare time as a hobby, but now the fact that people actually have it as a career made it even more appealing as (if for some reason people did actually like reading what I wrote or watching my YouTube content) I also could turn a hobby into a living as it seems like the only career I know of that actually interests me. Well I have no more excuses now, I'm legally an adult, I have no school or exams to worry about and have literally all the time in the world to do whatever I want.

So basically I'm going to use my blog as a fun way to increase my courage and confidence in terms of talking to you guys and talking to other bloggers that I follow so hopefully in the not-so-distant future I can start making YouTube videos. This is a big step for me as, for someone who has extreme social anxiety, even leaving a comment on a blog post or YouTube video was out of the question because the shear thought that someone could reply to it, ask me a question about it, argue about it, hate on me for it, made me incredibly anxious and scared.

I know that many people may be tired of hearing about anxiety on YouTube or blogs, but I think there's a reason for anxious people to turn to this. It takes the physical 'social' part out of socialising, as you're not actually directly talking to someone and are able to say what you want in one go without being interrupted or being able to see the persons reaction straight away. It makes it slightly easier to voice your opinion without being as scared, thus why I think so many people who suffer from anxiety have ended up writing blogs or on YouTube.

Anyways, I just wanted to write this re-introduction to say 'hello' again and voice my little plan here. I have an incredibly eclectic range of hobbies and interests that I will want to blog or YouTube about so here is a list of things I might talk about and hopefully will interest at least some people:
  • Make up
  • Skincare/ beauty stuff
  • Dealing with/ preventing/ products for face and body acne
  • Book favourites, reviews or recommendations
  • Teenager/ high school advice
  • Social anxiety advice
  • Gaming (YouTube)
  • Music favourites/ recommendations
  • Film favourites/ recommendations
  • Healthy eating
  • How to stay fit and healthy at school
  • Revision/ organisation advice
  • Beauty on a budget
  • Fashion on a budget
  • Inspirational quotes of the day/week
  • Choosing GCSE/ A-level subject advice/ experience
  • Fun challenges, tests, tags and quizzes (YouTube)
And probably a billion other things I couldn't think of in the last 3 minutes. Some of these things I will do just because they're hobbies/ things I find fun and interesting, others like the advice topics I want to write/ talk about because I know growing up and being in high school I would have loved to have been able to read such advice or hear from people who have gone through the same thing and have the experience to talk about it, so I want to give that opportunity to other people.

So to sum up: Hello, I'm scared, I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm going to try damn well hard to have fun and do this thing right.

TTFN! :) x