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Monday, 26 October 2015

My Ultimate Halloween Playlist! | Halloween Season

Who doesn't love a bit of pumpkin carving, fancy dress, or gorging on all the left over sweets because you only had 1 trick-or-treater call on your house? (the latter literally sums up my last 5 Halloweens). I've never really been a celebrator of Halloween, horror just isn't my thing. However this year, to properly get into the autumnal spirit, I've decided to embrace aspects of this whole Halloween malarkey through blogging. So for the next installment of my very short Halloween blogging saga: My Ultimate Halloween Playlist!
Yes I have the Ghostbusters soundtrack on vinyl
Whilst I'll probably spend this Halloween how I've spent the last 5, I shall do it snuggled up (probably reading or writing a blog post) listening these epic tunes.


3. Bobby Pickett- Monster Mash (1962)- You have to skip to around 
 52 secs to get to the song on this one

6. Katy Perry- E.T  (2011)- Personally, I prefer the version without Kanye West

10. Ray Parker Jr- Ghostbusters (1984)- A great film to watch on Halloween too!

15. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads Will Roll (2009)- Even though I prefer the Glee version, it felt rude not giving this song full credit on its own

And here's all the songs in one handy playlist!
Halloween Playlist

Although a lot of these songs aren't actually related to Halloween, any song with a sinister tune or lyric is good enough for me! Hope you enjoy the music!

TTFN! :) x

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